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About Me

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Hey there, I am Rahul Rajeev

So glad to have you here. I am a passionate life-long learner, PKM evangelist and an artist. I write, read, and draw. I co-founded the Design and Branding agency Dreamflakes.

10 Sec Bio

  • Head of Operations at Dreamflakes

  • Expert in Content Strategy, Branding and Marketing

  • Obsessed with PKMS, Automation, AI and Writing

  • Taught myself to draw at 27

  • Multi-lingual who can speak and write in Malayalam, English and Hindi and converse in Tamil

What am I doing now?

  • Focused on building and streamlining operations at Dreamflakes.

  • Constructing no code workflows and automation in Design Ops

  • Working on a project that makes personal knowledge management systems more accessible

My Story

  • Born and raised in Kerala, India

  • Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, but never pursued a career as an engineer

  • Over 5 years of experience in working experience in Digital Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Development, Content Ops, Design Ops, Brand Communication & Project Management

  • Love to talk about Art, Design, Tech and Culture

What have I done?

  • 2016 Completed my formal education and Spent half an year in Delhi preparing for IES Exam and ended up pivoting my attention towards a life of creativity, exploration and serendipity

  • 2017 Started copy and content writing for a Digital Marketing  and Web Dev Agency

  • 2018 Served as a research assistant to Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren during her Fulbright-Nehru Excellence awarded research project in India

  • 2018 Worked as production manager for the "Culture, Heritage, and Our Future Cities Symposium" by Traveling Exchanges and co-curated several art installations for the program

  • 2019 Worked as the lead project coordinator in a digital marketing agency

  • 2020 Turned to freelance content/copywriting 

  • 2021 Co-founded Dreamflakes and headed the operations there

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